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Celebration Bonus
Published on 01-05-2019

Dear Members,

I want to celebrate with you that the number of members reached 2000 members. I will give $ 2 "Celebration Bonus" for active members :

1- Who joined the site before 1-5-2019

2- Who purchase balances are Zero. (members have to use their purchase balances in advertising services before requesting this "Celebration Bonus" 

3- Who submit a ticket to me (Write in the subject "Celebratin Bonus") up to 8-5-2019 

Terms 1,2, and 3 must be applied to request the "Celebration Bonus"


This Bonus will continue for one week only up to 8-5-2019 at 12PM Server Time.

My best Regards and Wishes for all members

Admin of ClixDz


Sign up Bonus USD 2 and Traffic Exchange Bonus
Published on 12-03-2019

Dear members ...

I am the new owner of ClixDz.com. I am happy to welcome you to our PTC site. I am very glad that you have decided to be a part of ClixDz.com team. We hope that ClixDz.com will help people who are working hard to achieve online income and in the same time help advertisers to advertise with cheap prices.

The first 10,000 members will get $ 2 USD in their Purchase Balance as a welcome Bonus.

I want you to enjoy using this amount in the various advertising services, such as: buying Ad banners, Ad Credits, Featured Ad, Traffic exchange Ad, and Fixed Ad. For old members, who did not take the $ 2 sign up bonus, send me a ticket to add this balance to your Purchase Balance. 

For dedicated and hardworking members, many contests will be held monthly (Points and Referrals). Also, there is a Bonus for those who are active in surfing using Traffic Exchange.

For each 10 clicks (daily)  in Traffic Exchange there is a bonus 500 banners and 500 Ad Credits.


In case you have any questions or need further clarifications regarding anything please send support tickets to me. 
Thank you,


Hello dear members
Published on 26-02-2019

As we posted before we are new owners of this site and Due losing some files some old users will see their balance $0. we apolojise . however, we are giving #2 bonus in PB.


Hello everyone
Published on 26-02-2019

Hello everyone. Im happy to tell you that im the new owner of clixdz.com.

We are looking forward to make money together. in the mean time expect some errors because the site has been moved to new server.

El rafe3i - Admin!

Minimum payout
Published on 21-02-2019

Dear members, we are letting you know that the minimum payments are $0.50.

Payment we support
Published on 21-02-2019

Hello all,

After (again) we got hacked now we relaunced clixdz for forever. here is how members can be paid with:

- Payeer

- Perfect

- Solid Trust Pay

- ( Bitcoin only when we have available funds)


We will add more payment processors shortly.

We are back - Nice to see you again
Published on 20-02-2019

Hi, after we got hacked. now we have back again. everything is updated. we paid all users before site went offline. You can simply log in with your same info.

Best regards!

Published on 20-06-2018

Hello, we would like to let you know that all payment requests will be processed before the end of the month. Thanks

Published on 12-05-2018

1 - Adding payment proof on our forum is required. if you dont upload it on our forum, we have the right the hold your next payment or we dont pay you. this our terms of using our service. if you are not happy request account cancellation.

2 - You must work on our offerwall, at least 15% of your payment from Offerwalls, if you dont complete any offer , you must not request a payment. and it may leads to account suspension.

Thank you for using our service.


Buy anything and get 1 rented referral + 100 banner ad credit
Published on 02-04-2018

Hi , if you Purchase anything we will give you 1 rented referral + 100 banner ad credit.



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